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Continuing Education for Insurance Professionals

As previously mentioned on our Facebook page, the Independent Insurance Agents of Palm Beach County (IIAPBC) and Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) are offering a one hour continuing education (CE) course on October 19, 2017 for insurance professionals. We aim to help our partners achieve their CE credits before the recently extended deadlines. According to the Insurance […]

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Hurricane Irma Damage and Restoration

It has now been two weeks since Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, tore through several Caribbean islands, went up the west coast of Florida, affecting the entire state, and then battered South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and a few other states before finally dying out. Hurricane Irma damage is severe […]

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Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Following on the heels of Hurricane Harvey that devastated Texas, is Hurricane Irma, currently barreling toward Florida as a category 5 storm. We, at Joe Taylor Restoration, are watching the storm closely, praying for those who have already endured its wrath, and hoping the storm takes a hard eastern turn back out to sea. However, […]

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The Dangers of Flooding

What is currently happening in Texas is nothing short of catastrophic and heartbreaking. At least 20 people have already lost their lives in the storm and subsequent flooding, and countless people who have been evacuated to shelters are left wondering if their homes and other belongings will even be there when they return. Adding insult to […]

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Water Damaged Roof- Davie, Florida

Covering most every building, both commercial and residential, is a roof. Fortunately, when it does its job, it serves to protect the building, its contents, and its inhabitants. But unfortunately, a roof can begin to leak. Whether it’s because of age, cracked shingles, improper skylight installation, or any number of other causes, one can suddenly find […]

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Mold Remediation Process

Because mold grows where there is moisture, mold grows almost everywhere! It can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold in the air outside can also attach itself to clothing, shoes, bags, and pets and can be carried indoors. Then, when it lands in an area with a lot […]

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Florida Insurers Respond to Unchecked AOB Abuse

Yesterday, the Insurance Journal published an article titled Florida Insurers Place All Options on Table to Address AOB Abuse. In it, the author focuses on Florida’s home insurers as they implement rate increases, initiate coverage changes and nonrenew policies as a direct result of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) abuse. Since lawmakers reneged on enacting reforms again this […]

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What’s Your Personal Brand?

We live in an ever increasingly connected world, where work-life balance is more off balance than balanced, and the line between the personal and professional is forever blurred. And because this is our world, it is imperative that individuals step back and consider a few things- namely your personal brand. Social media has become both a […]

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Commercial Water Damage Clean Up

Once again, Joe Taylor Restoration has saved the day and done an expert job with commercial water damage clean up! The building in peril this time was a multi-level condo project that was on the verge of completion. The builders were preparing for inspections, just days away from getting their Certificate of Occupancy for the building, and they […]

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Rain Water Damage South Florida

Into every life, a little rain must fall. Or in the case of South Florida residents right now, A LOT of rain. Record-breaking waves of rainfall drenched South Florida this morning as flooded neighborhoods kept people in their homes and slowed traffic during the early commute. That was after a very rainy weekend and start […]

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